Thursday, June 8, 2017


The small town of Ashland OR. Established in 1852 this unique and vibrant town is settled in the Rogue valley in southern Oregon.
Sprinkled with endless plant life and beautiful architecture, Ashland is a very gorgeous sight to behold. Walking through the streets and small alleyways Ashland feels small, but it will also feel like a very safe and friendly place () 
Since 1935, Ashland has been the home of the critically acclaimed Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Every year at this festival a large variety of different musicals and theatrical shows are put on in honor of William Shakespeare. These performances are widely consider some of the best theater in the entire world, and people come from all over the world to see these amazing and special shows.
After the Oregon Shakespeare Festival exploded in popularity, the culture of theater and the arts began to work its way into the very foundation of Ashland. Year round you can find many different stores, decorations, etc, honoring Shakespeare and performing arts.

In Ashland you are greeted with three theaters. The Thomas Theater, the Allen Elizabethan Theater (which is outdoors), and the Angus Bowmer Theater (shown above). Together these three theaters provide the necessary canvases in which countless magical and one of a kind performances have, and will take place on.
Everywhere in Ashland you can also observe the rich and deep history of the arts. As previously said, the festival goes back to 1935, and every year since then a new season of shows has been presented annually, further enriching the almost legendary reputation of the festival itself.
Each of the theaters in Ashland has been expertly designed with state of the art technology. In addition to that and perhaps more important the theaters all look stunning and amazing, each in their own ways.
The theaters have also been designed in ways that make them extremely adaptable to whatever kind of set a performance may require. This versatile aspect of each theater certainly allows for some of the most beautiful and seamless sets ever designed for theater.

Along with this dedication to the arts, Ashland has also played a huge roll in education in the arts. Offering many workshops, tours, student discounts, and theater education programs, has made Ashland one of the best, and most respected places to go for any kind of education in the arts.
In addition to honoring Shakespeare, the town is very generous in remembering the legacy of the countless impactful people who have helped build the culture of Ashland.
One of the most gorgeous and most well known parts of Ashland, is Lithia park. As the largest park in Ashland, the name "Lithia" originates from the lithium oxide that is found in the park streams.
The park contains many areas both shaded and exposed with little evidence of human footsteps, to create a park that is refreshing and usable year round.

The many streams and ponds found in the park also allow for a variety of wildlife to flourish and prosper safely, while also allowing us to observe the wildlife without obstructing it.

Since 1892, Lithia park has been an essential part of Ashland's history, and will continue to draw people in for years, with it's one of a kind beauty.
Everywhere you look in Ashland, you can find amazing local restaurants that have become well known in the community.
Many local businesses in Ashland, sell products (such as the toffee bar above) that were made locally. Stores like these really give you a better taste (no pun intended) of the culture of Ashland.

One of the most well known and famous landmarks in Ashland is the natural lithium water fountain. This fountain takes the already present lithium water in Ashland and offers it almost as an attraction for people to experience. 

As a whole, Ashland is an amazing place. Whether you go for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, or just for it's timeless beauty, Ashland is an unforgettable town with an amazing history and culture.